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March 11th, 2023

Hey everyone! Here's your favorite script-kiddie speaking. How's things going? Around here, Mylium has been improving over the last months. Slowly, because I have a past-time job (in which I learnt something we'll mention later in this article). Let's take a look at the new things we've got!

This sweet ol' UX

For starters, you can easily notice the change in the UI style. Like seriously, that old UX didn't make anyone happy. But this? This is something else.

Thought it was time to make something new, so I picked up some advice from my friends and made this UX. I love it. And I'm thinking about making app customization, so you guys can create your own themes for free! But it's just an idea.

Mobile app

Remember what I mentioned earlier about my job? I learnt about developing mobile applications! Of course, developing them in React Native. I know how to not make them slow as hell (sort of), so I'll try to create an mobile app, hopefully.


I'm still using my best friend Supabase as Mylium's database. For the CDN, I'm currently using Vercel (due to Netlify being a goddamn cheap-ass about private repos, lol).